Canon BP-208 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Product Description

Capacity : 850mAh

Voltage : 7.40V

Cell Type : Li-Ion

Color : Light Grey

Compatible Models: Canon DC-23, Canon DC19, Canon DC211, Canon DC230, Canon DC51, Canon FMV300, Canon iVIS DC200, Canon IXY DVS1, Canon MVX450, Canon VIXIA HR10, Canon DC10, Canon DC20, Canon DC22, Canon DC40, Canon DC95, Canon FV M300, Canon iVIS DC22, Canon MVX1Si, Canon MVX460, Canon BP-208, Canon DC100, Canon DC210, Canon DC220, Canon DC50, Canon Elura 100, Canon HR10, Canon IXY DV S1, Canon MVX430, Canon Optura S1, Canon BP-208DG.

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